Friday, August 20, 2010

Who was voted Best BYOB in Rhode Island?

That’s right; it was Pinelli’s Café at Night! If you’ve been there before you already know why it was voted best BYOB in Rhode Island, but if you haven’t been there yet, let me tell you a bit about it and why I love going there.

How did Pinelli's get it's name? The the restaurant is named after the owner, Bill Pinelli. Bill opened this restaurant 20 years ago and is still going strong. He is often there to greet the guests when they arrive. When he isn't there, he is at his other place, Flare, which is another fabulous place to dine!! Finally, there's good pizza in Coventry, RI!!

Pinelli’s Café at Night is an awesome Italian restaurant tucked in a plaza at 701 Quaker Lane (Route 2) in West Warwick, RI. Now when it comes to eating Italian food, I usually don’t go out to eat because, as you know, I love to cook at home. But when I am craving Italian and don’t feel like cooking, the only place I’ll go to is Pinelli’s!! As soon as we walk in the door, my husband and I feel right at home. The wait staff is always pleasant and on the ball…and quick with the bottle opener!!

One of the main reasons I love Pinelli’s is because when the food comes out, it is ALWAYS hot!! Always! There is nothing better than receiving your dinner plate piping hot, am I right? Firstly, the fried calamari is just so good! The hot peppers… with the calamari…in the buttery sauce…sooooo tangy and spicy, yet the squid is tender and sweet. My mouth is watering just writing about it! Talking about hot and spicy, the occasional Buffalo Calamari special is a must try. Next is my favorite entrée, the Linguini with Clams in white sauce, which is a clam broth…YUM, YUM, YUM!!!!!!!!!!!! The clams are perfectly steamed, and the broth is seasoned just right and has that oceany freshness that the linguini just soaks up. It really hits the spot, you know?

Another reason I love to go to Pinelli’s is because of the service. I have been there as a party of 2 and a party of 25 and the servers never skip a beat. Again, the food is always served hot, fresh and oh so delicious. Did I mention the portion size? Holy hugeness Batman. There is enough food to feed an army, but it is so good that you won’t share it with any army, you’ll eat it aaaaall yourself! Executive chef, Michael, along with Manny, his wing man (i.e. sous chef) are always coming up with creative and tasty specials each night.

Yes, there is yet another reason Pinelli’s is on the top of my Go-To places. It is a BYOB restaurant, how cool is that?! Whether you like margaritas, beer, wine, champagne or pina coladas, if you can carry it in the restaurant, you can drink it! I’ve seen the pros walk in with coolers!!

Check out Pinelli’s Café at night, you won’t regret it.

Remember, it’s OK to play with your food.

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