Sunday, October 2, 2011

Our anniversary dinner at The Back Eddy

Charles and I have been married for 3 years on October 4 and to celebrate, Charles, my father and I went to The Back Eddy which is where we got married. Our wedding was, of course, the best party I have ever been to!!! The monsoons ended, the clouds in the sky parted and the sun shone through just for our special day. Not only was the wedding perfect, the food was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!

Ingredients used to make up the fabulous meals at The Back Eddy are as fresh as fresh can be and they are as local as possible. Actually Aaron, the executive chef, gets a lot of his ingredients from his family’s farm. Sal is the owner, and every year he travels to different parts of the world to get inspired by the foods he finds and this translates amazingly well onto his menu.

Today I am going to tell you about the appetizers we had…and yes their appetizers are good enough to make up one blog!!! My next post on The Back Eddy will be about the meals.

We started out with some fabulously tasty oysters…Mmmmmm, so fresh!! The delicate flavor of the oysters is only enhanced by the oyster liquor that is surrounding it in the shell. Although they are oceany fresh on their own, the shallot relish gave the oysters a great little bite. I could have had a dozen all to myself…but I resisted…ha!

Our second appetizer was an order of deviled eggs. Hey…don’t turn your head like that because these aren’t your ordinary run-of-the-mill deviled eggs, oh no they aren’t! Now deviled eggs were never up there on my list of favorite foods, but a friend of ours insisted we give them a try and I am forever grateful. The eggs are called “Deviled Eggs from Hell,” and they are served with an “inner beauty drizzle” (a delicate sriracha sauce,) tuna tartar, aged soy and wasabi tobiko. This sounds crazy I know, but the eggs are so perfectly cooked with insanely smooth and velvety yolks. The individual flavors and textures flow gently on your by one...aaahhhhh! I want more right now!! If they weren’t an hour away I’d totally go get some…they are THAT good!!

Now you must go and check out The Back Eddy and trust them to play with your won’t regret it!!!

The Back Eddy
1 Bridge Road
Westport, MA 02790