Friday, August 6, 2010

The eternal search for clammy clam cakes, can you help?

Where do you go for clam cakes in the RI area? My husband & I are on what seems like an eternal search for a decent clam cake. When I bite into a clam cake, I surprisingly expect to bite into a clam or two, but lately that is just not the case. The clam cakes are usually tasty, but there are just no clams. Is there a clam cake out there that was the last one scooped from the batter and loaded with clams? Hmmm, maybe the clams are minced and you just can’t see them? I’m not sure, but I’d love some information on them.

While we’re on the subject of clams, how about some clammy clam chowder to go along with the clam cakes. Last week we were in Matunuck for clam cakes & chowder and we ended up with clam-less cakes and bacon-potato chowder. Now don’t get me wrong, bacon is #1 on my list of favorite foods and I do appreciate it in my chowder, but bacon-potato chowder wasn’t on the menu. (If you were to puree that with a ton of cheese…YUM!!!!!...I’d have to call that Super Soup! Hmmm...that is going to be my winter project now…I’m on it…but I digress.) What's the dilly? Where are the clams? Won’t you tell me your favorite places to go for clam cakes & chowder? I know that restaurant is out there somewhere, the one that serves both clammy clam cakes AND clammy clam chowder. Please comment below this post to let me know where you go for these awesome summer treats, and we’ll try them out this weekend!

Enjoy the day!