Sunday, August 15, 2010

Are you looking for a good burger?

You must check out Luxe Burger in downtown Providence! Their burger menu is set up like a sushi menu, it’s very unique. There is a paper “Burger Menu” (as well as a full menu) and you check off what you’d like and how you’d like it. First you pick out the meat of your choice (there are 6 options), and then you pick from a long list of goodies to dress your burger with such as a variety of cheeses, toppings, sauces etc. Not only that, but you are free to dress your fries too! They offer cheese, chili, jalapenos along with many other toppings, oh don’t forget the bacon!!!

When it came to burgers I was totally traditional, just ketchup & mustard please. Then one day I ordered a hamburger and forgot to ask for it without the pickle. I bit into it, tasted the tang, zestiness and sweetness of the pickle and thought, holy shnikies! For the last @# years I have been missing the best part of the burger… the pickle!! How could I have been so stubborn all of these years? Didn’t I learn with the whole “tasting the cantaloupe” thing?! Anyway, I thank my lucky stars each time I eat a burger now, and I always ask for extra pickles!!

The other night Charles & I decided to use our gift card for Luxe Burger and we are glad we did! Kenny the bartender greeted us with a smile and was very knowledgeable and helpful in navigating us through the menu. When we asked about the Gold Label Burger, Kenny told us it was a combination of 3 types of beef: sirloin, chuck, and brisket. I am not sure who thought of this concoction, but I want to thank them because it is a very juicy and tasty blend.

The combinations on the burger menu are endless, and since I am a traditionalist, I had a tough time deciding on whether or not I should change my ways. Then I thought of that mysterious pickle on my burger and the surprise it brought when I bit into it. “I must try something new on my burger,” I thought…but what? Then I saw those 3 magical words…Fried Onion Strings!!! Oh yea baby, that’s it, I’m going to get fried onion strings on my burger!!! Giddy up! Now how about a sauce? If I am going to try a different topping, I must get a different sauce too. As I read down the long list of sauces, I couldn’t find anything that seemed to catch my eye like the words “fried onion strings” did. Then, the third to last sauce was practically blinking at me on the menu “Garlic Aioli! Garlic Aioli! Garlic Aioli!” Now I’ve got it, I am going to have a Gold Label burger on a sesame seed bun with garlic aioli, fried onion strings, and of course, pickles!! Oh, I can’t forget the side of hand cut fries.

When the burger arrived I couldn’t wait to dive in. I must admit, I was excited yet a bit nervous about the new flavors that were waiting for me. What if it wasn’t what I had expected? What if I just wanted my ketchup and mustard back? Ahhh!! Bite into it and find out already!! From the first bite to the last, it was out of this world. Between the juiciness of the burger, the garlic aioli, the crispy onions, and the tangy pickles, I was in burger heaven! It was a disco party in my mouth!!

The best thing about Luxe Burger is the fact that they do not make dense patties the size of softballs. The beef was gently packed into a perfectly sized patty that was very juicy, tender and delicious. Not only that, they don’t put all of the toppings on the top of the burger, some of the “toppings” go underneath the burger! This offers a nice balance for the bun so all of the toppings don’t go flying out when you bite into the burger…genius!

I wish I had my camera to take a picture of Charles’ burger because it was picture perfect! Charles also had the Gold Label Burger and chose the wheat bun. On top of the burger, there were sweet caramelized onions as well as a copious amount of gorgonzola cheese that had gently melted with the heat from the burger. Underneath the burger, Charles opted for roasted red peppers and fresh baby spinach, “A perfectly dressed burger” he said. The side of sweet potato fries was cooked just right, with a nice delicate crunch and a light sprinkle of salt. When the burger was cut in half, the colors were just beautiful…and the taste? Unforgettable!!!

At Luxe Burger, it's OK to play with your food!