Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Who is at the Scituate, RI Farmer’s Market?

As you may or may not know, Quint’s Finest Gourmet Cookies & More has a table at the Scituate, RI Farmer’s Market which runs every Saturday from 9-12 through the first week in October. I am just loving the experience, and I also love being a part of something so dedicated to the community!

Ever since I started my business last year, the 2 words “Farmer’s Market” kept popping up so I decided to find out how to get a table at one. After many e-mails, I ended up choosing the Scituate Farmer’s market to be my host. I hadn’t been to a farmer’s market since I lived in Florida 15 years ago. Why? I’m not sure; it’s one of those things that you do when you live in an area and then when you leave that location, you leave some of the things that go along with it behind…does that make sense?

So anyway, here I am participating in a local farmer’s market, and as each Saturday passes, I feel a tighter bond with my community. That is an awesome feeling because it is my community that is supporting me as I am supporting them. Each Saturday, my regular customers (and the new ones too) will come up to say hello and tell me how much they enjoyed their cookies over the last week. If that is not one of the best feelings in the world, I don’t know what is!! They actually love my cookies! I will never get tired of hearing those words, and I don’t know if I can put into words how much I appreciate them; but I can say “Thank you for all of your support!!!”

Here are a few of the local farmers at the Scituate Farmer’s Market…

There is sweet Eric, the honey guy who owns and operates Hillside Apiaries…get it…sweet? He harvests the honey from his own bees!!! I never realized how fabulously creamy and gentle fresh, local honey could “bee”. The taste and texture are like no other honey I have ever had, and I highly recommend (if I could, I would demand…ha) using honey from your local honey man!!

Then there are the super nice folks from Blue Sky’s Flower Farm. Their table is always set up so beautifully and what I would think of as traditionally. When we first started the market together, I purchased a few lavender plants that are just thriving!! They also offer a variety of herbs, vegetables and flowers.

Next is Pezza Farm which is located in Johnston, RI. They always have a wide variety of vegetables such as green beans, corn, eggplant and squash along with flowers and herbs. When I don’t have any zucchini left from my own garden, I use theirs to make my zucchini bread.

Saving the most important for last, we have Olga’s Cup and Saucer. They have a huge selection of the best breads ever!! The Olive bread is loaded with olives and is definitely my favorite followed by the perfectly tangy sourdough. They also sell various cheeses from Narragansett Creamery including a spicy feta cheese spread called Pirate Spread, YUUUMMMM!. This table is run by a committee from Scituate and the proceeds from the bread sales, as well as the rent collected from the vendors at the market, is used to pay for the insurance for the market; but better than that, what ever they have left goes to a scholarship for a student of Scituate. Last year they were able to give away 2 scholarships!! Thank you to the Scituate commitee for being such wonderful hosts for us!

If you’re in the area, please come by and say “Hello!!” If you don’t live in the area, please find out where the Farmer’s Market is in your area and support your local farmers!!

We play with our food at the Farmer’s Market!!

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