Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My first post...

OK…here we go! This is my first blog posting ever. I must be honest; I’m a bit nervous, yet very excited!! You will find most of my posts will be about food, either something I’ve made, recipes that have been shared or found, restaurants that I have visited or any other thing that has to do with food. My husband & I just love food, and we love to explore flavors from all over the world. Since we can't travel the world, we bring the world into our kitchen.

The funny thing is I didn’t always have this affinity for food. For the first 11 years of my life, the only things I would eat were peanut butter & jelly, spaghetti & butter, Capt’n Crunch, and grilled cheese sandwiches (the cheese must be white!!). So, to the Mom’s out there with similar children, don’t worry too much, as long as the get the protein and vitamins from a certain source, they’ll be alright.

When did I discover just how wonderful food can be? Around 17 years ago I was at a luncheon and a fruit plate was served. I wasn’t too keen on anything in the melon family, but that's what was offered. Like a polite trooper, I tasted the fruit, and what a surprise I had!! The cantaloupe was super sweet and juicy, with a warm, mellow flavor, and I just fell in love with it. Then I tried the green melon. With a crisp, yet sweet flavor and just as juicy as the cantaloupe, I fell in love again. I had been living in Florida for 2 years, where the freshest fruit was all around me, and I had never tasted melon?!? Crazy, no? Why had I dug my heels in the ground when it came to trying something new, especially something as simple as fruit? I never answered that question, but from that moment on, I had agreed to try just about anything that was on my plate…I do have my limits!!

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