Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Luxe Burger again? You got it!

My husband & I went to Luxe burger again this past weekend and had yet another delicious meal. Why did we go to the same place we went to last time? Well, we had a gift certificate, of course...ha…and we always enjoy the atmosphere and the food.

Whenever Charles & I go out to eat we love to sit at the bar where things are more exciting, and there is always someone interesting to talk with, like Ben & Neil, the bartenders. In my quandary of what to drink, I settled on a Harpoon I.P.A., and as I sip my beer I see the Goslings rum behind the bar…if only they had ginger beer I’d order a Dark & Stormy. If you like ginger, this is a great drink to try. When the spiciness from the ginger beer (it's actually soda) combines with the sweetness from the dark spiced rum you get the intense Dark & Stormy. I didn’t even ask if they had ginger beer because not too many bars serve it. Well, don’t you know when the bartender opened the cooler, my husband happens to see ginger beer!!!! Aawww yea! One Dark & Stormy please!!

Now onto the food…Charles & I usually plan on getting something we haven’t had before or something we haven’t had in a long time. Right off the bat, we wanted to try their Buffalo Calamari because we saw it the last time we were at Luxe Burger and it smelled soooo good. I LOVE buffalo anything, I love it so much I could drink the sauce. When the calamari was delivered to us, the tang from the hot sauce made my nose tingle…zip zip zippyyyy! With the first bite, I knew right away that this wasn’t a store bought sauce, it was very unique. The sauce had a good, spicy zip to it, but it offered an unusual sweetness at the same time. Hmmm, a sweet and spicy buffalo sauce…who knew?!? It was something that I had never experienced before, and I just absolutely loved it! Now if I could figure out how to make it…I’ll let you know when I do!!

For some reason, the menu and atmosphere at Luxe Burger just makes you want a burger (yea, hence the name…Luxe Burger). With that, I had all intentions of trying something different, but the burger menu just called to me. Then I saw the Umami sandwich. It is a tuna steak with a soy glaze, julienne cucumbers, and wasabi dressing. When I asked Ben about the sandwich, he said “It is my favorite, if you like tuna you gotta try it!” It is unique because many people will grind the tuna to make a burger out of it, but they left it as a steak. So I decided to give it a whirl. When Ben asked me how I want it cooked I said “rare, of course!” Then it dawned on me, I was ordering sushi at a burger joint…this could be bad. I very rarely order sushi from a place other than a well established sushi bar, it’s too risky. Too late now, the order is in and I decide to go with the flow and hope for the best while sipping on my most refreshing Dark & Stormy. Well, the best came to me on a plate. The tuna was cooked perfectly. The soy glaze added a sweet and saltiness while the cucumbers added crunch and a dash of freshness. All-in-all, the sandwich had the perfect balance of flavors. I’m happy to report that ordering sushi here worked out just fine!!

What did Charles have? He ordered a burger topped with goat cheese and roasted red peppers with a side of Gorgonzola Tater Tots. The burger arrives and the amount of goat cheese on top was insane! There was a very generous chunk-o-cheese and it was tangy, creamy and delicious. With the goat cheese on top of the perfectly cooked burger, and the roasted red peppers on the bottom, a delectable burger was born. As for the “Tater Tots…” oh heavenly potato, how I love thee! These aren’t you average tater tots. In fact, they aren’t tater tots at all! They are potato croquettes filled with Gorgonzola cheese!!! Eating one of these bad boys is like eating a piece of heaven. The potato is crunchy on the outside, and the Gorgonzola cheese is creamy and smooth on the inside making this a rich, delectable, little ball of goodness. This is a MUST try when you go to Luxe burger!!!! I actually suggested they change the name because “Gorgonzola Tater Tots” does NOT do this side dish any service.

Have you played with your food today? Well, what are you waiting for...go!

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