Thursday, August 5, 2010

OK, my blog is titled “It’s all about food…well, mostly!” What are the “non-food” things that I will be blogging about? Mostly they will be about my sweet husband Charles and my silly dog Daisey. They are my partners in crime and always keep me laughing, motivated and feeling loved. Today I will tell you the story of why we adopted Daisey from Twin River in Lincoln, RI.

For many, many years I have wanted to adopt a Greyhound. One day Charles was doing some work up on the Twin River property and decided to stop in the adoption center to see what these dogs are all about. He couldn’t quite understand why I was so adamant on getting a Greyhound over any other dog. As soon as he stepped into the pen where 6 Greyhounds were playing, he understood. Of the 6 dogs playing, there was one dog in particular; she was drawn to Charles like a magnet. When he was talking with the woman who was tending to the dogs, he felt something wet in his hand…it was a dog’s nose…perfect fit! "Hmmm," he thought with a grin on his face…”what would happen if I moved to the other side of the pen?” So Charles went to the other side of the pen and like a magnet, the same gentle dog’s nose was in the palm of his hand…he fell in love on the spot.

Later that day I received a phone call, “Hey Beth, I was in Lincoln today and this girl was all over me.” Now, I knew he wasn’t talking about a woman only because if he was he knew I’d immediately change the locks on the house (among other things)! Ha! Then he told me how hairy she was, right away I knew that he had visited the dog track. “You have to come at meet this dog; she is so sweet and beautiful!” (Side note: this is one month before our wedding date of October 4, 2008.) I was a bit hesitant about adopting a dog as I was preoccupied about the wedding, yet at the same time very excited…a dog!!! The next week I went by myself to visit this particular pooch and she was the same way with me, just like a magnet. Where ever I went, she would gently approach me and put her wet nose in my hand. I found a leash to walk her around the property with, and after our walk I realized the entire leash was embroidered with “Charlie.” Hmmm, that’s funny, I thought.

For the next week, Charles & I discussed the possibility of adopting a dog and agreed to visit her together…2 weeks before our wedding on October 4. When we got to the kennel, June, the wonderful woman who has devoted her life to Greyhound adoption, greeted us with her warm heart and gracious smile. She gave us a leash and had us walk the dog together. When we got back inside, I asked June how old this sweet pooch is, and she told me to look in her ear. There’s a tattoo in each ear, one is her registration number and the other is the month and year of her birth followed by a letter which stands for her birth order. I peek into her ear and see 104C. My jaw dropped as I showed Charles what I saw...he had the same reaction. Her tattoo is 104C!!! She was born in October ’04 and was 3rd in the birth order (ABC)…our wedding day was in 2 weeks on October 4th…C…Charles…!!!!! We both looked up and said “We’ll take her!!!” Daisey is a wonderful addition to our family, and we couldn't imagine life without her!!!

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